Chronic Inflammation & Disease

At Refresh Medical Aesthetics we realise the need to make our patients aware of lifestyle choices that aggravate chronic inflammation and the serious effects that chronic inflammation has on disease. This systemic or “silent” inflammation is the evil twin of oxidation, and where you find one, you nearly always find the other. But this type of inflammation doesn’t cause you any pain — it lives “under the radar,” quietly lingering for years and even decades, where it silently injures your heart, brain and immune system. In fact, the number of diseases linked to chronic inflammation is staggering: Heart disease and cancer, the deadly manifestation of chronic inflammation, are expected to remain as the leading causes of death in developed countries for many years to come.

Optimise your Insulin:
This means a lifestyle that allows your body to be sensitive to insulin changes.

Eat less saturated and trans fats:
Eat less red meat fat and take a slice of avocado with all your daily meals

Lose weight:
Fat cells, especially visceral fat cells, are an endocrine organ which secretes three times the amount of inflammation as fat elsewhere.

Balance your sex hormones:
Preservation of sex hormone levels with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BIHRT) is associated with reductions in the risk of several inflammatory diseases, including atherosclerosis, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

Stop Smoking:
Cigarette smoke contains numerous inducers of inflammation, particularly reactive oxygen species.

Floss your teeth daily:
Smoking also increases the risk of periodontal disease, an independent risk factor for increasing systemic inflammation.

Get enough sleep:
Disruption of normal sleep can lead to daytime elevations pro-inflammatory molecules.

Reduce your stress:
Stress (both physical and emotional) can lead to inflammatory cytokine release

Avoid sitting for more than 20 minutes at a time:
Sitting is inflammatory! The more you sit, the poorer your health and the earlier you may die, no matter how fit you are.

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