Carboxy Therapy


Worldwide, Carboxytherapy is rapidly becoming known as the leading skin rejuvenation treatment and we have it right here at Medical Refresh Aesthetics. It is a safe, minimally invasive clinically proven method to rejuvenate, restore, and recondition the skin and treat wrinkles, laxity, cellulite and stretch marks. The treatment has no downtime and a single session can take between fifteen minutes and an hour. In short, Carboxytherapy is a simple and safe procedure for beautiful, younger looking skin.

Areas treated by carboxy therapy:

  • Dark Circles by increasing the oxygenation of this poorly perfused area.
  • Eye Bags are reduced by skin tightening and modest fat reduction ( see before & after photos).
  • Crows Feet Wrinkles and sleep lines around the eye area are reduced due to collagen stimulation.
  • Hooded eyes are modestly lifted by tightening the forehead area with strategically placed Carboxy injections
  • The open brow expression and brow lift is due to new collagen remodeling and contraction of the skin on the brow down the line.
  • Skin texture around the eye area improves due to collagen stimulation

Carboxytherapy improves the following:

  • Brow Ptosis is improved due to new collagen remodeling and contraction down the line
  • Skin wrinkling improves due to collagen stimulation
  • Lip wrinkling improves due to collagen stimulation
  • Saggy Jowls are improved due to new collagen remodeling and contraction down the line
  • Crepey necks improve due to collagen stimulation ( normally a very difficult area to treat )
  • Double chin is reduced due to fat reduction and skin tightening
  • Fat or Flabby cheeks are reduced due to fat reduction and skin tightening
  • Wrinkled ear lobe improves due to collagen stimulation
  • Acne Scars improvement

What can one expect before and after the treatment?

  • During the treatment
    the sensation can be likened to a dull throb or pressure .This mild discomfort lasts 2 to 4 minutes. CO2 is 20 times more soluble than oxygen and it is easily and quickly diffused from the injection site to the surrounding tissue. After a treatment the gas is totally reabsorbed within 5 minutes and the treated area will raise, turn slightly red as oxygen perfused into the area which undergoes an inflammatory response which stimulates collagen production.
  • After the procedure,
    there is no pain, just possibly a crackling sensation under the skin that lasts until the gas is excreted. The area should not be immersed in water for about 4 hours. Patients can return to work immediately after treatment, a truly walk in, walk out procedure.
  • Precautions:
    Do not perform any other peel or use abrasive or irritant substances five days prior to the treatment.
    Do not shave the area to be treated at least 24 hours prior to treatment.


  • Best Results: 6 – 8
  • Treatment Recovery: 1 -2 days
  • Procedure Time:30 – 60 mins
  • Skin Specialist:Therapist / Doctor

Homecare Products

Carboxy Baseline
  • Facial Cleanser or Luminous Milk Cleanser
  • Skin Repair Serum
  • Translucent Day SPF30
Carboxy Anti-aging
  • Collagen Serum
  • Retinol Serum
  • HA Contour Masque
  • Diamond Hyaluron Filler
Carboxy Dark eyes/wrinkles
  • Eye structure gel
Carboxy Pigmentation
  • Dark Spot Corrector Serum
  • Complexion Corrector Cream
Carboxy Anti-Acne
  • Anti-Acne Serum
  • Enzymatic Serum
  • Skin Biotic
  • Skin Biotic Supplement
Carboxy Stretch Marks and Scarring
  • Bio-Body Peel Kit
  • Stretchmarks & Cellulite Therapy
Carboxy Hair Loss
  • Scalp Serum
  • Biotin tablets
  • TrichoWash and Conditioner
  • Mino/Fina Scalp Foam